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Mastic bituminous and polymeric
  • Mastic bituminous and polymeric

Mastic bituminous and polymeric

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The enterprise "Grew" makes bituminous and polymeric unicomponent mastic of cold hardening "DOROS-MBPKH" for the device and repair of a roof, and also a waterproofing of concrete and other surfaces. Bituminous mastic allows to increase durability of the processed surfaces significantly. Possesses the increased crack resistance, frost resistance and adhesion to the basis.

Bituminous mastic is a product of special processing of oil bitumen with polymers and special additives. A commodity form of mastic - paste of black color. Temperature range for roofing works from - 10 to + 40 C0. Independent use of mastic. Before application bituminous mastic carefully mixes up to a uniform state. At repair of soft roofs of the place of swellings are opened, dried then the mastic layer which it is necessary to sustain 20-30 minutes is applied on an internal surface of a bubble and on the basis. Further layers are pasted. 1,5 - 2 hours are expedient to sustain places of gluing together under freight, and then to paste patches from fiber glass fabric. It is recommended to progruntovat a surface a primer (mix of mastic and solvent) in a proportion 1:2. As solvent it is possible to use white spirit, solvent or gasoline. Expense of a primer of 0,2 - 0,4 kg/sq.m. When laying fiber glass fabric not to allow formation of folds and bubbles. The pasted fiber glass fabric at once becomes covered by a primer layer. The dried surface carefully looks round and becomes covered next day by the main layer of mastic of 1 - 1,5 mm. If necessary corrections become. Adjunctions, skates and endova need to be strengthened an additional layer of fiber glass fabric. A mastic consumption - 1,5 - 2 kg/sq.m. At the device of a new roof on a cement coupler, it is necessary to make a two-layer covering of fiber glass fabric and mastic.

Type of mastic:Bituminous
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