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Pitch epoxy EN-6
  • Pitch epoxy EN-6

Pitch epoxy EN-6

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EN-6 epoxy. UP-643 analog

Product of condensation of epichlorohydrin with novolachny phenolformaldehyde pitch Federation Council-0113.

It is used in structures warm and chemically resistant glues, fibreglasses, compounds, binding for production, in the electrotechnical industry.

Quality indicators On TU 6-05-1585-89 Actually on average
Appearance Firm product from yellow till brown color Corresponds
Keeping of epoxy groups, %, not less 18.0 21.5
Mass fraction of volatiles, %, no more 0.7 0.5
Mass fraction of the saponified chlorine, %, no more 2.5 1.0
Mass fraction of ions of chlorine, %, no more 0.1 0.002
Softening temperature by a method of a ring and a sphere, °C, not below 40 43.5


Epoxy EN-6.

Condensation product of epichlorohydrin with a novolac phenol-formaldehyde resin SF-0113.

Are used in heat and chemically resistant binders for the manufacture of adhesives, fiberglass, compounds in the electrical industry.


Quality Score TU 6-05-1585-89 In fact, on average
The solid appearance of yellow to brown color of Matches
The content of epoxy groups, %, not less than 18.0 21.5
Mass fraction of volatile substances, %, not more than 0.7 0.5
Mass fraction of saponifiable chlorine, %, not more than 2.5 1.0
Mass fraction of chlorine ions, %, not more than 0.1 0.002
Softening temperature Softening point, °C, min 40 43.5

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