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Enterprise "DOROS" (from the reduced phrase of "the road of Russia") was organized in 1994. Not one, and even two ideas was a basis for this purpose: to make adhesive additive for road bitumens and to be engaged in design of systems of an electrical heating of pipelines. By this time, the EPOKS Scientific and production enterprise which was successfully working for domestic aircraft industry and defense, began to experience serious economic difficulties. The group of scientific chemical engineers had to accept the offer on merge to the enterprise "GREW" and "from heaven" smoothly to plan on the earth for development of decisions in the sphere of road construction.
As a result of such merge "GREW" received let small, but the research and production base and rich engineering and scientific potential of new employees.
For a start two 100-liter reactors from stainless steel which were equipped with an electrical heating were useful. So two products with brand arose "GREW": the adhesive additive "DOROS-AP" and cation-active emulsifier for bituminous emulsions of "DOROS-EM".
Every year new technological installations were put into operation and, respectively, the output of these, the Russian road builders who won respect, products increased. They with success are used by many hundreds of tons during the season both the Russian, and foreign companies.
Naturally, there were no epoxy materials for aircraft industry and rocket production forgotten and. The annual output of these materials, increased by 20 times, and the range by 10 times. Volumes and quality of processing equipment increased. The enterprise "GREW" the avia - and rocket production became a reliable support domestic.
At the enterprise it is also created and already more than 15 years production of decorative finishing materials works. More than 40 competitive paints and decorative plasters are during this time developed.
The solid group of highly skilled research associates continuously develops and improves chemistry and technology of receiving new valuable products where results of developments immediately take root into production.
Enterprise "DOROS" (from the acronym of the phrase "Russian road") was organized in 1994. The basis for this was not one, but two ideas: to produce adhesive additives for road bitumen and engaged in designing electrical heating systems pipelines. By this time, successfully operating in the domestic aviation industry and defense Research and Production Enterprise "EPOX", was experiencing serious economic difficulties. Team of scientists chemical engineers had to accept the proposal to merge now "DOROS" and "from heaven" smoothly to the ground plan for the development of solutions in the field of road construction.

As a result of this merger, "DOROS" has received a small but its scientific and industrial base and rich engineering and scientific potential new employees.

To begin useful two 100 liter stainless steel reactor, which was equipped with electrical heating. Thus was born the two products with the brand "DOROS": adhesive additives "DOROS-AP" and a cationic emulsifier for bitumen emulsions "DOROS-EM".
Every year were put into operation new technological systems and, consequently, increased production volume of these, won the respect of Russian Road, products. They have been used successfully by many hundreds of tons per season, both Russian and foreign companies.

Of course, were not forgotten and epoxy materials for aerospace and rocketry. Annual production of these materials has increased 20-fold and 10-fold range. Increased volume and quality of production equipment. Enterprise "grown" has become a reliable pillar of the domestic aviation and rocketry.

The plant also created production of decorative materials.For this time has developed more than 40 competitive decorative products.

Close-knit team of highly skilled scientists continuously develops and improves chemistry and technology to produce new valuable products, where the results of development immediately introduced into production.


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